The carbon tax and the federal dental plan are each unfair

The carbon tax and the federal dental plan are each unfair

They do not gain all Canadians equally.

A commentary by a Victoria resident.

Here is why govt procedures like the carbon tax and dental prepare in their recent sort will never ever gain prevalent public help – for the reason that they do not reward all Canadians equally.

To wit:

Carbon tax: In B.C. we pay out 17.61 cents per litre of gasoline and $3.9859 for each gigajoule of organic gas. Past thirty day period, I paid out $13.16 as the price tag of all-natural gasoline and $19.11 carbon tax – 50 for every cent a lot more in tax than the benefit of fuel.

Where’s the balance or fairness in that? I spend a $9.50 carbon tax, about 11 for every cent, on the rate of a tank of fuel.

We are seniors on a mounted cash flow and yet we get no rebate on the carbon tax, thanks to the ridiculously lower “means test” limitations on our earnings. The carbon tax raises annually, yet our incomes hardly ever continue to keep speed.

Carbon taxes are mostly ineffective, since they tax commodities that are “inelastic,” meaning they are requirements whose intake continues to be fairly continuous.

People need to commute to do the job exactly where timely, very affordable community transportation is not offered. We require autos for grocery purchasing, attending children’s events, professional medical appointments and far more.

Natural gas is needed to warmth houses, water tanks and cooking ranges. This will not transform as carbon taxes escalate and Canadians’ incomes continue to be rather constant.

Federal dental prepare: The new federal prepare covers only a small part of Canada’s population, even though excluding millions who demand protection. I have really constrained, costly dental protection below my pension plan, as the only choice when I retired.

Mainly because I have some dental protection, having said that inadequate, I’m not eligible for the federal approach. If I cancel my restricted plan, I nonetheless do not qualify for federal coverage. Unfair and unequal.

And but I pay for this federal dental approach by means of my money taxes, which I go on to fork out right after more than 50 decades in the workforce.

But these plans are not for me, thanks to the inane skills set by federal and provincial governments.

Canadians overwhelmingly assist our Medicare method mainly because all Canadians reward equally. This implies-tested nonsense for supposedly “universal” public plans will undermine general public aid and make it less difficult for successive governments to eradicate these plans, leaving seniors like myself and my spouse to pay out additional and obtain a lot less likely ahead.

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