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  A Bride By Summer, my next Round The Clock Brides book will be published in July!  In this, my latest Harlequin Special Edition, Ruby O'Toole moves to Orchard Hill just in time to open her tavern and shake (not stir) things up for orchard owner, Reed Sullivan, who's been in a tailspin ever since he and his brothers discovered a baby boy on their doorstep.  This romantic, heart-warming and funny story was a joy to write.

Recently, I learned that Harlequin is re-releasing one of my earlier books, Marriage By Contract in April.  I'm excited about all of this, and I'll share more details as I receive them, and especially the cover and excerpt for A Bride By Summer.

I've just started another Round The Clock Brides story in which you'll meet little Joey's mother.  I think you'll love her almost as much as Joey does.

Meanwhile, I wish you peace, warm hearts, and a wonderful Christmas.  I hope you stop back soon for updates about upcoming releases, titles and more good news.

Until next time and always...
Happy reading!


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