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Welcome back to Orchard Hill and my Round The Clock Brides series.  You met fiery redhead Ruby O'Toole in The Wedding Giftand tall, blond and determined Reed Sullivan in A Bride Before Dawn. Hold on to your hats because Ruby and Reed are about to run headlong into each other in A Bride By Summer.

A Bride By Summer

© Harlequin Enterprises Limited
ISBN: 9780373658275

What do you do when the person you've been waiting your entire life to meet happens along at the worst possible time?

If you're Reed Sullivan, and you've just discovered a baby boy on your doorstep, you resist.  And if you're Ruby O'Toole and you're starting over in a new town after you've been burned for the very last time, oh, baby, you definitely resist!

This lissome tavern-owner and sexy new family man soon discover that the harder they resist, the more their attraction smolders.  Luckily, Reed has a solution--of course he does!  But it does make sense.  They'll skip dating, skip the frenzy, and go all the way to the finish line.  Not all the way as in all the way.  All the way to lasting friendship.  Now all they have to do is make sure they don't fall in love.

If you'd like to meet Reed and Ruby, please visit the excerpt pageA Bride By Summer will be available in July where your favorite Harlequin books are sold.

Also, available now at eharlequin.com is Marriage By Contract.

Marriage By Contract
© Harlequin Enterprises Limited
ISBN: 9781460331002

When Nurse Bethany Kent and Dr. Tony Petrocelli deliver a baby during a power outage in Grand Springs, Colorado, they have no idea they will soon be saying "I do" in a marriage arranged to give all three something they desperately need.  Little Christopher needs a home; Bethany yearns for a child; and Tony is only too happy to dodge the minefield of modern dating.  Every day brings them closer to the greatest disaster of all.  It'll take love to weather this storm.

I'm currently writing the next Round-The-Clock Brides story.  I'll let you know as soon as A Bride in Autumn is finished!

Until then and always...
Happy reading!


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